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We are a growing Global Community of Practice, comprising diverse participants interested in and focusing on the resilience of front-line health workers.

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About The Resilience Collaborative

The Resilience Collaborative is a global learning community that aims to advance learning and drive adoption of evidence-based strategies for health worker resilience, particularly in low-resource settings.

The Resilience Collaborative was launched by the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation in 2021 to support health workers and the organizations that care about them. The George Institute for Global Health is honoured to serve as the new host organization for this global community of practice, with initial funding from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation.

Supporting Resilience

The multi-factorial and systemic challenges of work related stress and burnout among front line health workers point to the vulnerability of health systems and their costs and impact on patient care.

We believe building resilience – the ability to adapt and grow amidst stress – among health workers can be an effective mechanism and a vital contribution toward more resilient health systems.

As a global learning community, members of The Resilience Collaborative are working together to:

Learn about evidence-based approaches to improve health worker resilience

Apply evidence-based approaches in local contexts

Use measurement and evaluation to optimize program design

Explore opportunities to build the evidence base particularly in low-resource settings

Introducing The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is a world leader in chronic disease and health systems research.

Our mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide, particularly underserved populations, by challenging the status quo and using innovative approaches to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases and injury.

We remain focused on the global health challenges that cause the greatest loss of life, the greatest impairment of life quality and the most substantial economic burden.

We do this by focusing on:

Better treatments

Finding better treatments for the world’s biggest health problems

Better care

Transforming primary health care to support better health for more people

Healthier societies

Harnessing the power of governments, markets, and communities to improve population health.

We are committed to addressing community health issues with evidence-based and impact-driven programs, with expertise in the areas of well-being and resilience, notably engagement with front-line health workers in the areas of digital health and innovations

We leverage our Thematic Focus on Thought Leadership, Advocacy and Disruptive Entrepreneurship to move the needle on health-related policies, guidelines and practice. Improving health through market participation, incubation capacity for products or services that prevent or treat chronic and critical conditions.

Vision for TRC Community

Envisioning the Future of The Resilience Collaborative together…

The George Institute views hosting The Resilience Collaborative as an avenue to create and sustain an enabling environment for implementing evidence-based resilience-building programs among the CoP

-Stewarding community sustainability 
-Practice and implementation insights
-Participation and inclusion

We understand that TRC can and must be able to focus on communities and actors, who represent entire systems, particularly those under-or-unrepresented.
Therefore, collaborative and participative road mapping and learning as our shared values, will support contextual and replicable approaches that are scalable and easily accessible. These have a crucial role in strengthening health systems.

To achieve shared objectives across emerging frontlines and healthcare ecosystem, that are fit to respond to the future, that implies that TRC must continue to evolve.

This also includes a holistic outlook to anticipate and invest in preparedness, to respond to complex challenges facing health systems and societies.

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