December 2023 TRC E-Newsletter

Reflecting on the Year 2023..

Reflecting on the TRC community journey during 2023, we at The George Institute (TGI) were honoured to assume the role of hosts in May 2023. This journey has been incredibly enriching, and we are excited about the path that lies ahead.  Since taking on the role of host, we have been diligently working to build foundations, to establish connections and foster engagement across the community. Looking ahead to 2024, among our primary objectives is to deepen our mutual engagement with each one of us as part of this growing community.

In this newsletter edition, we would like to initiate a dialogue 'About Resilience', learn more about the new TRC website, highlights about the recent meet and greet session, member spotlight on Dr. Rajesh Parekh and selection for fresh reading resources. We are also eager to learn what content you would like featured in 2024 newsletters.

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