Feb 15, 2024


Highlights from the Event on 26th Jan 2024 “What is Resilience, By the Way?’

This panel event was part of our exploratory conversations with TRC community to inform and shape our shared understanding about the Nature of Resilience. In this event, five TRC participants from different backgrounds reflected on their understanding and definition of Resilience, and how they have seen it in action over the course of their professional and personal journeys.

Discussion Highlights

The panelists and attendees actively participated in an interactive exploration, delving into the definitions and frameworks of resilience. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. "Resilience as a foundational block for persistent healthcare behaviours, enabling individuals to adapt and persist in the face of challenges, stresses, adverse conditions, and difficult working conditions."
  • "Resilience from a health system perspective, emphasizing characteristics such as information management, coordination, collaboration, planning, preparedness for uncertainties, and leadership at all levels."
  • "Exploration of concepts surrounding resiliency, compassion, and well-being as practices."

"Viewing resilience as a mindset with the '3 A's': Accept the adversity, Adapt well to the circumstances, and Advance in life towards set goals. This resonates with health systems resilience at an outcome level: absorb the shock, adapt, and transform."

  1. "Understanding resilience as an ever-present strength of resources that individuals tap into overtime. While facing a stressor for the first time, individuals may or may not use their resources effectively. However, with subsequent exposure to similar stressors, they attempt to utilize the learned resources from their experiences."
  • "Consider resilience from the perspective of a 'Super Ball': the harder you bounce a super ball, the higher it goes."

Here is one of the snippets from the event, have a look: TRC Virtual Panel Discussion Snippet

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