Oct 18, 2023

Member Spotlight: Dimagi

Dimagi is a global social enterprise enabling impactful frontline work through scalable digital solutions and expert services. Since 2002, Dimagi has been guided by a vision of a world where everyone has access to the services they need to thrive. Dimagi™s mission is to build and scale sustainable, high-impact digital solutions that amplify frontline work. Dimagi is a certified Benefit Corporation with teams in the United States, India, South Africa, Senegal and around the world.

The India Division has been the ambassador for the TRC in Dimagi and we are glad to have opportunities to meet with the team. Now, let's delve into their journey of becoming part of the TRC community and their impactful work in the field of resilience.

Involvement with the Resilience Collaborative

Dimagi joined The Resilience Collaborative in the year 2020. As a member of the CoP, Dimagi and other partner organizations collaborated with health workers to co-create and test the Resilience Message Program (published by Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation (J&J CHWI) in 2021).

Key Initiatives in the Field of Resilience

In 2021, Dimagi received funding from J&J CHWI to lead a working group with partners to adapt the Resilience Message Program. During the working group, Dimagi led partners through a process of testing messages with health workers across India, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico (insights published in the guidebook Making Resilience Resonate).

In addition to the working group, Dimagi received funding to build a mobile application for resilience that was piloted with health workers in Mexico and Nigeria, with a third pilot launching in Brazil soon.

Earlier this year, Dimagi released the first version of WellMe a resilience and wellbeing application for Frontline Workers. WellMe builds on feedback from the earlier resilience application pilots and is designed using principles from The Resilience Collaborative's toolkit for building health worker resilience.

Dimagi also had the honour of hosting two roundtable discussions on Frontline Worker resilience with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to discuss approaches and challenges to building resilience.

Aspirations as a Member of this Community of Practice (CoP)

Dimagi hopes to continue being an active participant in The Resilience Collaborative, with the goal of contributing to implementation insights and evidence from our work in this area. We look forward to connecting with other organizations and health workers who are advocates in this space.

Common Resilience Practice Regularly Followed by the Dimagi Team

At Dimagi, employees can use the policy of Flex Time, or flexible start and end times of their workdays, to balance work and personal commitments.

Avenues to Partner with Dimagi

Dimagi is inviting organizations and Frontline Workers to be part of the WellMe beta testing program. Participants receive free access to the WellMe application for three months in exchange for feedback. Please write to be part of the beta testing program.

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