Apr 29, 2024

Member Spotlight: Lydia Anyango

22nd April 2024

This conversation is part of our TRC Member Spotlight series. We had the pleasure of speaking with Lydia Anyango, a dedicated nurse driven by a deep passion for serving disadvantaged communities in Kenya. TRC Community manager, Shilpa Sadanand, interacted with Lydia Anyango in April 2024. The following are excerpts from their interaction.

  1. Welcome Lydia, we are glad to have you share your story and perspectives with the TRC community, thank you! Please tell us a bit about yourself?

Lydia Anyango: I am originally from Kenya and completed my Basic Nursing training at Kenya Medical College in Embu Level 5 Hospital, earning a Diploma in Nursing between 2016 and 2019. Starting as a volunteer, I contributed to the measles campaign before working for a year at the Riverdale Outpatient Clinic, providing comprehensive care for children and adults. From 2021 to 2023, I specialized in pediatric nursing at the Kilimani Children's Clinic, gaining valuable experience. In September 2023, I returned to nursing school at Kenyatta National Hospital School of Nursing, focusing on renal nursing. By pursuing further education in this field, I aim to not only enhance my professional skills but also open up opportunities for career advancement, both locally and internationally

  • When did you know you made a great decision in becoming a nurse?

I had always been interested in health, but it was two experiences that strengthened my decision. I vividly remember the day when I accompanied my cousin, who lived in a rural area, to the hospital for her antenatal checkup. As we waited together in the maternity ward, I observed the nurses tirelessly attending to expecting mothers with such humility and care. Their dedication and compassion deeply moved me. It was at that moment, witnessing their unwavering commitment to helping others, that I knew I wanted to become a nurse.

  • All images courtesy of Lydia Anyango

Another pivotal moment came when I was helping care for my aging grandfather. He had a painful wound that needed regular dressing. A kind and patient nurse took the time to teach me how to properly clean and dress the wound. Her guidance and encouragement sparked a newfound sense of purpose within me. I realized that nursing wasn't just about administering medication or performing procedures; it was about making a meaningful difference in people's lives, one compassionate act at a time. These experiences shaped my journey into nursing and reaffirmed my decision to pursue this profession. From that point on, I dedicated myself to becoming the best nurse I could be, eager to provide comfort, support, and healing to those in need.

Please Share a nursing experience of when you learned something about yourself, that was meaningful to you.

Looking back on my nursing journey, one experience really stands out. After working in a clinic for years, I took a break and was called back urgently. Many mothers had been leaving without their children receiving crucial vaccinations because I wasn't there. This incident showed me how much I care and the difference I make. It boosted my confidence and reminded me why I chose to become a nurse. It inspires me to keep striving for excellence in my practice.

What is your most useful tip you use to inspire patients or colleagues or teammates?

“Be Happy”

I find that maintaining happiness is key. When you're happy, you're able to perform tasks effectively and deliver the highest quality care to patients. I've observed that around 98% of my work is influenced by my state of happiness. It's remarkable how being in a good mood can dispel negativity and enhance overall outcomes. Therefore, I always encourage others to cultivate positivity, and optimism.

  • According to you, how can one develop one’s or a team’s resilience?

In my view, developing resilience for oneself or a team involves several key factors. Firstly, resilience is about the ability to adapt to change and overcome obstacles. Effective communication plays a crucial role in this process. When we communicate openly and honestly, it helps us recognize mistakes, apologize when necessary, and learn from them, ultimately fostering a positive environment for growth.

  • Could you share a common resilience practice that you or your team regularly follow?

I have previously worked as a nurse supervisor, and I believed in a culture of leadership and individual accountability, providing everyone with the opportunity to lead, correct mistakes, and grow. I prioritize mutual support, always lending a helping hand to our colleagues. I encourage open communication and expression, providing everyone with the chance to lead and contribute without any sense of intimidation. In nursing, we understand that 'nursing is a learning process,' so there's no hesitation in seeking guidance or asking questions.

  • How did you become involved with The Resilience Collaborative (TRC)?

I became involved with The Resilience Collaborative (TRC) over a year ago. I remember browsing the internet out of curiosity, and TRC caught my attention as a point of interest. Given my background of working in the community and helping people, it seemed like a natural fit for me to get involved.

  • What are your aspirations as a member of this community of practice (COP), TRC?

My aspirations as a member of TRC revolve around continuous growth and skills enhancement. I aim to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and collaborations within the field.

  • Are there specific aspects of the TRC community that you find most rewarding or enjoyable?

I find receiving the TRC newsletters enjoyable and the sense of belonging to the TRC community whenever I get these newsletters. Additionally, I appreciate the constant updates on new developments and the sharing of insightful information.

  1. Could you share some helpful tips or advice for individuals who are new to the TRC?

In my experience, I would advise new TRC members to make their expectations clear regarding the platform and to actively engage with it. By getting involved, you'll find that the TRC community is responsive and supportive. Additionally, I recommend keeping an open mind and broadening your career horizons, allowing yourself to explore beyond your current role. TRC provides a platform to connect with professionals beyond your usual network, which promotes personal and professional growth.

  1. Any message you'd like to convey?

As a nurse, I've found that the key to fulfillment is simply loving what you do and delivering it with passion. Finding satisfaction in your work or personal endeavors is the best reward you can give yourself.

We are thankful to Lydia for sharing her perspective! If you have questions for Lydia or would like to connect with her, please send us a message, and we will be happy to connect you! Also, if you’d like to be featured on this spotlight series or you’d like to nominate someone, please write to us:

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